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Electrical Installation Quote


Simply add the quotable consultation to your cart and after you check out Masterco will contact you by email to set up a date and time that is most convenient for our Technician to discuss your specific needs to ensure everything is completed to perfection!

Here is how the process works:

  • You can purchase your electrical parts or we can also take care of this also.
  • Purchase this professional plumbing installation service consultation. The small fee of this service will be credited towards the price of the project if you proceed with doing it.
  • After buying this service a Masterco Technician will contact you to better understand your electrical installation needs.
  • Your dedicated Masterco Technician will be your single point of contact throughout the process.
  • We will send our technicians to come to take measurements and get the details of your project
  • Your dedicated Masterco Technician will provide you with an email/text containing your quote that will be the final project price.  This is the bottom-line price with no additional or surprise costs.
  • When you decide to proceed with the service, you can accept the quote by using the link in the email your dedicatedMasterco Technician sent with the quote.  That link will take you to your Masterco customer portal to make payment for your service.
  • After payment, your dedicated Masterco Technician will contact you to schedule when our technicians will be out to complete the service.


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