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Tablet Repair


With Tablet Repair service, our Solutions depot repair team will get your tablet back up and running. We cover shipping, diagnostics, and tablet repair for one flat rate.

What’s included with this service?
Tablet diagnosis and triage

Tablet repair, including:
Replacement / repair of non-functional components
Software re-installation, if needed (Customer approval required)
Testing to verify tablet functionality after repair
Note: Tablet must NOT exhibit signs of physical or liquid damage
Shipment to and from our Depot Repair Facility
Additional fees may apply if there is physical damage

Tablets are ineligible for service if they are and/or exhibit:
Apple Tablets
Microsoft Surface Units
Tar/Nicotine Damage
Insect Infestation
Physical abuse (drops, run over, etc.), liquid damage, power surge or multiple hardware issues

How does it work?
Our Solutions provides a variety of tech services including setup, repair, and tech support. Offerings can be purchased with applicable products or as standalone services to help keep customer devices up and running.

How do I receive service?
Simply add a service to your cart with a bundled product or as a standalone service and check out. Once you’ve purchased a service, you’ll receive an email from us with the information needed to initiate service at your convenience.

True Satisfaction
We are committed to making sure every customer is happy with our services! We’ll do everything possible to make sure issues are resolved and that customers are 100% satisfied. If you would like to provide feedback on your experience or encounter any issues, we’re ready to listen. Contact our Customer Service at your convenience.


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