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Smart Security Camera Installation


Don’t ever overpay for expert in-home services. Let our Technicians do the work for you!
With our Smart Security Camera Installation service, we’ll schedule an appointment that works best with your availability and our technicians’ schedule. On the day of your appointment, a technician will come to your home to install & configure your smart security camera to your wireless network.
A functioning Wi-Fi network is required.

What’s included with this service?
Validation of your network’s signal strength
Indoor/Outdoor installation (maximum installation height 9′) and setup of up to three cloud-based, smart cameras (wireless only)
Hiding or dressing any exposed cables
Complete configuration & connection of the smart camera(s) to your network
Our technician will assist in setting up your smart camera account and download the smart camera app on up to two devices
Demonstration of the functionality of your new wireless smart camera(s)


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