Masterco RFM

Standard Setup & Security


Don’t worry about finding time to figure out setting up your new computer and guarantee its safety!

We are US-based technology experts are here 24/7 to assist you at your convenience with the setup of your computer and make the necessary adjustments to give you peace of mind about the ongoing performance and security of your new computer.

What’s included with this service?
Full remote PC Setup includes
Tune-up of your operating system
Removal of any unwanted software
Creation of one additional user account
Configuration to automatically receive Windows updates
90-days of 24/7 Tech Support and Coaching starting on the day of purchase
If MS Office was purchased: installation and configuration of the software on one computer
Installation and configuration of McAfee Total Protection on one computer to protect against ongoing security threats
Access to 1 Data Recovery service within 90 days of the computer purchase date: if your computer suffers a data loss, we can recover it free of charge


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